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Welcome! Thank you for being here.

Yoga practice is so much more than the physical shapes and movements we make with our bodies; it is also about

deepening awareness,

self study,



and conscious rest.

We practice so that we can bring understanding and skill to our

lives and relationships when we are off of our mats.

I strive to create a tender atmosphere of care for students to be in present time with their breath and sensation, shaping and

supporting the work of both postures and quiet reflection.

I'd love to spend some time together in a class soon, sharing with you what I've come to know so far, in my years of study, dedicated practice and experience with others on this path.

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My yoga journey,
then and now

Hello, I'm Jen. My pronouns are she/her.

One morning in 1997, I began my yoga inquiry in my living room; with a boxed kit that contained a mat, two blocks and a VHS videotape for guidance. A deep and ongoing intrigue was sparked!

My curious but small, unvaried home practice expanded to attending studio classes in 2000 and after a teacher’s avid encouragement, a year-long Hatha yoga teacher training in 2007. Since completion of my first training in 2008; I have been teaching yoga in studios, privately to individuals and groups, and in community classes in Kingston, Ontario (first known as Ka'tahrokwi, traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee and Huron-Wendat Peoples).

I am committed to delivering a clear, intentional and inclusive practice to willing humans of any level of experience. I encourage beginning from grounded stability with deep attention to breath, the sensations of the body, curiosity and gentleness. There is always room to be more gentle with ourselves, regardless of the intensity of the posture or moment. My classes frequently infuse functional mobility into exploration of traditional yoga postures. Students receive guidance with scalable options to empower them to meet the shapes in a way that works for their own body, practice acceptance, and to believe in their potential to shift. Together, we cultivate a steady, brave relationship with the eagerness and discomfort that accompanies all doing, undoing, being and growth.

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