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Students' Words

Students' Words: Testimonials

Every yoga class with Jen is truly a gift.  She is so attuned to her students… we’ll often leave class quietly whispering amongst ourselves - ‘wow, that was exactly what I needed!’ 

Jen teaches with such simplicity and sincerity that you’ll feel completely accepted and at home in her space.  Her cues are direct; her voice coaxes your mind into stillness, and her hands-on assists empower you to move deeper into your body.

Having practiced with Jen has made me better - a better yogi on the mat and a better human off the mat.  I leave each class inspired, with a renewed sense of self, and better able to take on the world.  I leave each class brimming with the compassion Jen shares with her students, ready to let it flow into the rest of my life.

M. L.

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